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The Ugly Cry

Compelled to share this vulnerable moment, inspired to write about it.


Meditation, the very practice that healed me. Aligning my energy centres (chakras), one by one, I scan my spine, from the very bottom of my tailbone to about a foot above my head. I start by grounding myself. I close my eyes and begin. Using visualization to aid me, I envision myself bathed in white light energy, focusing on the seven main chakras.

Beginning with the root, I concentrate. As it emits a bright red light and spins, I am reminded of my oneness with the earth, already connected to all. Roots extend, anchoring me firmly to the planet. In this present moment, I am grounded and not alone. I AM SAFE


Moving from the root chakra to the sacral chakra, I sit, visualizing the fluidity of this energy centre as it pulses and grows. I witness it spin, feeling its strength as it draws me in. Here, I am connected to my most feminine energy. My emotional, nurturing, and creative sides reside here. The bright, warm orange glow of this chakra intensifies, and I begin to feel a tingling sensation a few inches below my navel. Comfortable with what I'm experiencing, I embrace the true essence and importance of this chakra. I AM LIFE


Following my intuition, guided upward, I am immersed in solar plexus energy, the Manipura or city of jewels. This is the centre of personal strength and growth. Here, my will, ego, personal power, and consciousness of being, reside side by side. Unknowingly, I've struggled with this chakra most of my life, but in this moment of alignment and in this breath, I allow myself to fully feel. I observe the stagnant energy as it begins to flow outward, relieving me of that which no longer serves me. The warmth of its bright yellow colour stings as it expands. My solar plexus ignites, and I listen as the energy moves within. I am reminded of my insecurities, fears, and uncertainties. Breaking, I begin to cry ugly and out loud. In this moment, I radically accept all that has come to pass. In this moment, I choose my healing and let go of what no longer serves me. In this moment I release with love and find true freedom within myself. I feel this freedom now.



Love and Light,


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