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Breath & Meditation

Take a deep breath; you’ve got this.

Explore and experience the transformative benefits of combining breathwork and meditation. Our one-on-one 50-minute guided session is thoughtfully designed to soothe your sympathetic nervous system, enhancing focus and productivity, while simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety. Immerse yourself in an experience that improves your overall mood and contributes to your physical and mental well-being.

15-Minute Assessment: Free

Session Fee: $75 for a 50-minute session

Pranayama Breath Coaching
Meditation Coaching


One-on-One Holistic Nutritional Counseling:

Nourish your body with personalized

nutritional counseling.


To meet your specific needs, our nutritionist offers various styles of counseling, nutritional assessment, education, in-home demonstration and guidance to support you to achieve your goals. In-person or virtual consultations available.


Group Meditation

Love, Health, and Abundance

Come as you are and be part of our community. Join us for a FREE 35-minute weekly group meditation where we reflect on positive affirmations, cultivating love, acceptance, health, and abundance for ourselves, our friends, our family, our communities, and our planet.

Twin Hearts Meditation
Group Meditation
Pranic Healing Service


Accelerate your physical, mental, and emotional healing through a unique combination of Reiki and Pranic Energy Healing techniques. Embark on a journey of self-discovery towards an overall positive state of well-being.

15-Minute Assessment: Free

Session Fee: $111 for a 60-minute session.


Energy Healing

Energetic Slow Flow

Connect with your energy bodies and centre yourself by realigning your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual present state.


Embark on an overall journey of well-being by learning and using a unique combination of light stretching, adaptive physical movement, yoga postures, meditation and breath.

15 Minute Assessment: Free


$ 75 x One 50 minute sessions


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Energetic Slow Flow
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