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Updated: May 13

I can still vividly recall those days on the lake with my yiayia (grandmother). Back then, I was just a young child, but the memories are as clear as if they happened yesterday. Fishing was her passion. Despite not speaking English or being able to swim a single stroke, and without a life vest, she fearlessly ventured out onto the water in a small aluminum boat. She’d often drive out to the middle of the lake and turn off the engine. With several fishing rods, a container of worms and her fishing hat, there she would drop the anchor and sit for hours. If you were in the right spot, you could catch a glimpse of her cottage from the lake. This little cottage sat in the middle of a hill not too far from the water and was built on sacred lands belonging to the Hiawatha First Nations people.


I was fortunate to have had the chance to go out on the lake with her a few times. When I give thought and pay attention to the details of those moments, I see my yiayia. I see her in her happiest place, or at least that’s how I remember it. I’m not sure if fishing was truly the root of her happiness during those moments, but rather the freedom of embracing the tranquil scenery.


My yiayia, being the Spirit she was, feared nothing and had no problem baiting a hook. She’d cut the worm in half using her bare hands, squeezing it tightly between her thumb and pointer finger until it came apart. I hated that part. Watching it squirm traumatized me a bit and for the longest time, most of my life, I not only gagged at the site of worms but completely disregarded the importance of their very existence.


Today, as I observed these tiny creatures and their place amongst the garden, I felt a surge of gratitude for their presence on Earth. Holding them in my hands, I watched as they moved gracefully, dancing to the rhythm of life. These small beings wield immense power, serving as vital life forces for healthy soil and thriving plants. Metaphorically, earthworms symbolize groundedness, adaptability, transformation, simplicity, and community. They remind us to stay rooted in our beliefs while embracing flexibility and resilience in the face of change.


Reflecting on my journey from disgust to appreciation for these creatures, I realize the profound wisdom in seeing worms as spirit animals. Their simple yet powerful presence has taught me to find beauty and significance in unexpected places. Today, I am delighted to see them in a different light, recognizing their role not just in nature but also in my own growth and understanding of the world around me.


Love and Light,


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